Did I wake up this morning and for the first time
my eyes were finally open?

— Alexis Dominguez, from "Why?"

Writers-in-the-Schools, RI in the News:

"Gaining an Eye for Art" by Linda Borg (The Providence Journal)
"Their Poetry Means More Than Just Words" by Linda Borg (The Providence Journal)
Writers-in-the-Schools, RI at AS220
"Fostering Creativity and Engagement Through Poetry & Prose" (Universal Penman, June 2012)
"Bright, Beautiful, Bilingual Broadsides" (Universal Penman, Summer 2013)

Praise for Writers-in-the-Schools, RI:

"Tina adds multicultural themes, poets and historical perspectives to enhance a variety of poetry styles. She always personalizes experiences for the children. Tina celebrates each poet's choices and efforts [...] My students, who may have been reluctant to push their limits, now have more stamina and enthusiasm to read, write and recite poetry!" — Maureen Kenner, Special Education Teacher, Grades 3-6, Vartan Gregorian Elementary School

"[Writers-in-the-Schools, RI] was an incredible asset to my students' writing development. She taught the students how to get in touch with their feelings and impressions about life around them, [and] gave them a platform upon which to share their experiences creatively, and validated each as an authentic writer with valuable messages to be heard." — Jane Quirk, 4th Grade Teacher, Martin Luther King Elementary School

"Having a bona-fide writer puts both teachers and students in a great position to learn more about writing." — Jacqueline Fish, 5th grade teacher, Vartan Gregorian Elementary